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Gurahl is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse setting. It revolves around the Gurahl, ancient werebears among the changing breeds.
Gurahl (book)


Gurahl is the fourth volume of the Changing Breeds book series. Waking from centuries of slumber, the Gurahl rise again.

Some aid the Garou from the shadows. Others exact vengeance on werewolves for ancient slights. With this book players can become these gentle and ferocious, strong and unyielding creatures. Gurahl allows you to create a werebear character of your own — and to join in the final struggle against the forces of Apocalypse. But are the Gurahl too late?

This book includes:
  • The tale of the world as given by the gentlest Changing Breed;
  • The society of the Gurahl, including details on their four tribes and worldwide distribution;
  • Complete rules for running Gurahl: Gifts, rites, fetishes, forms, totems, sample characters, etc.


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