Gulmoth is a term mages use for Abyssal entities that primarily manifest outside the Astral Realms, being either alien and hostile spirits, bizarre mutations of life, or even living anomalies in time and space. Unlike their predominantly Astral cousins, the Acamoth, gulmoth are generally temporary visitors to the Fallen World, wreaking some long-term harm before escaping back into their alien home. The primary way they manifest is as the being released by a Manifestation Paradox, but there are many ways for inauspicious occult correspondences to align and release one to menace the world. In particular, they are the subjects of much Abyssal summoning, as unlike many entities they wish to be called into the world, and they generally do not need to be haggled with-the gulmoth you want explicitly outlines the cost of its services, and wavers little.

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