The Grub Legion are Hobgoblin Hunters for hire working in exchange for money.


It’s about the money. They don’t want goblin fruits or tokens, no matter how rare. They want cash. Or gold coins. Or ducats, wampum, euros, thorn bits or whatever currency they can get their hands on. These greedy hob soldiers are a true mercenary band, hunting those who they’re paid to hunt. They’ve no loyalties. A True Fae wants them to hunt a changeling? A changeling wants them to hunt a hob? Doesn’t matter as long as the customer’s willing to pony up the gold. Soon as they’re “on-point,” they put their roughshod armor and unsheathe their crooked blades and head out hunting. They’ll accept whatever parameters the client dictates: keep the target alive, kill him but take and mount the head, hamstring him, whatever. They’re not always good at restraining themselves, but they do try. One will know the Grub Legion not by their appearance — despite the name, they do not look like Grubs. But they do follow a powerful hob known as the Grub, and his worm’s visage is painted on every hunter’s helmet and blade in bone dust and blood.

The means to contact the Grub Legion is not well-known: a changeling must slather a coin in her own blood and spit, and then bury it in the Hedge dirt. The Legion will show by the end of the day, marching lockstep. Payment is in money, and the cost in Resources increases with the danger posited by the target (look at the Retainer Merit on p. 116 of the World of Darkness Rulebook to determine the “dot-level” of the prey). The hunters ask for payment after the act only — woe to the client that cannot pay the fee once the job is complete


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