Grimoires are magical texts that transfer magical knowledge. Most appear as books or other repositories of information that might be of interest to a curious Sleeper. As such, a grimoire might have been mentioned in various documents or other books, even mundane ones. It’s difficult to tell whether a reference actually denotes something touched by the Supernal, of course, but you never know just where the critical clue to a grimoire’s location or history might be found.

Grimoires usually contain Rotes or Spell formulas, but some serve as prisons for otherwordly entities, like the famed Ialdabaoth Codex or grant access to familiars. A special form of grimoires are daimonomicons, which can introduce its reader into a Legacy by teaching him the according steps to shape his Soul. The True Soul and the Path of the Book are both active Legacies that are formed this way.


  • The Ancient Lands Pentalogy - A High-Fantasy series written by a relative of a mage of the Free Council, the first hardcover-editions (complete with folder) act as a grimoire that has triggered the Awakening of some enthusiastic Sleepers (much to the chagrin of concerned Guardians).
  • Dark Revolution - A Black Metal album, whose vinyl editions act as grimoires. The singers use High Speech within it that Sleepers translate as "growling".
  • The Electric Grimoire - An E-Book that consist solely of enchanted data (actually a spirit bound to the data in whom the data is inscribed). It can be copied and added via the use of the Prime Arcanum and mainly consist on rotes concerning the use of electricity.
  • Hiden Gogyo Bujutsu - Several scrolls that contain katas that teach rotes of the Adamantine Arrow. It is divided into five sets of scrolls that mirror the Wu Xing as well as the known Supernal Realms.
  • Last Days of Atlantis - Three books that form the grimoire and reportedly retell the last days of the First Wizard's War. It is rumored that the author was under the influence of an Ananke.
  • The Tablets of U'mat - Ancient tablets with cuneiform and vulgar glyphs dating back to ancient Sumer.

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