Name: Griffin
Totem type: War
Ban: Ban against associating with humans
Tribe: Red Talons

Griffin is a Totem spirit of War. He is the tribal totem of the Red Talons and known for his fierce hatred against humans.


The Griffin guards the wilderness against human encroachment and represents the most primal and animalistic powers that are endangered by humanity's onslaught against nature and the extinction of species. Griffin aids all spirits whose living kine is exterminated by humans. Packs under his guidance are able to communicate with all birds of prey without the need of a Gift and gain faster reflexes and swiftness.

His ban is that a pack that accepts him as a Totem shall not associate themselves with humans and he will only very rarely allow a Garou of the homid breed to be his Child.

In one scenario of the Apocalypse, Griffin falls to the Wyrm alongside his tribe after a plague causes wolves to become extinct, blinded with rage.