Lord Greyhound









Lord Greyhound is an influential Lasombra and a Cardinal of the Sabbat. He prefers the use of logic and reason over supernatural explanations.


Greyhound championed what he called “the rational existence” approach to vampirism. He wasn’t a fool, and certainly didn’t deny the supernatural element to his condition - he just didn’t care about it. As far as Lord Greyhound and his followers were concerned, what mattered was tangible existence.

He took active pride in having no aptitude whatsoever for shadow manipulation; he set out to be the clan’s best at feats of strength, both physical and mental. To make sure that others never forgot his prowess, he habitually went around naked, wearing only decorative jewelry taken from fallen enemies and rammed into his flesh (where it would stay until expelled during his daylight slumber).

A small mob of sycophants clusters around Lord Greyhound. Half of them walks naked like their master; the others are dressed with a mix modern athletic garb and ancient armor in various combinations. He encouraged his disciples to study shape-shifting disciplines, and had them constantly re-shape his flesh to emphasize this feature or that.  

Gehenna: the Final NightEdit

Like all Cainites, Lord Greyhound was struck by the Withering during the Time of Judgement. Having his powers considerably diminished, he was restrained and diablerised by a mob of neonates somewhere beneath Mexico City.


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