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Green Dragon is a Wyrm totem of the Beast-of-War and former patron spirit of the White Howlers.


Originally a Totem of War and part of Lion's brood, Green Dragon followed the White Howlers into the Pit and, like them, was transformed into a servant of the Wyrm, becoming a servant of the Beast-of-War and a Totem of Strength. The wyrmish Green Dragon acts as a personal Totem for Zhyzhak, granting her the ability to exhale Balefire upon her enemies.

In both incarnations, Green Dragon abhorred cowardice. Beings that had accepted him as a Totem lost the powerful ability to spit fire that is his speciality to his followers. Ahroun and Black Spiral Dancers rever and respect the followers of the Green Dragon for their ferocity. The only difference between both forms is that the untainted form of the Green Dragon offered additional three points of Willpower to his followers, while the wyrmish form gives its followers additional die to soak damage of any source



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