The Green Court is the ruling body of the Kuei-Jin of Korea. They have created a sort of neutral ground between the Quincunx and the Japanese Uji. They are the best crafters of Jade and have created many potent artifacts. The Green Court is also well known for its merchants and necromancers, as many Korean wraiths are Renegades against the Yellow Springs. They are the court with the most Ch'ing Shih. Some Nagaraja have found shelter there after the destruction of the True Black Hand, under the condition that they will not sire any childer.

It is also known for giving shelter to nearly everyone, even Kin-jin and akuma, who can afford to pay them (and the Green Court isn't known for its generosity). They handle a complicated network of safe-houses, caves and shelters that is commonly called the Parallel Path and deal with a strict politic of non-interference with the business of their customers.

They have sent many Wu to Los Angeles to make sure the Quincunx doesn't gain the upper hand.