Grandfather Thunder is a totem of Respect, strongly associated with the Shadow Lords tribe. He is a powerful storm-spirit that demands a clear hierarchy.

Grandfather Thunder

Garou glyph for Grandfather Thunder


Grandfather Thunder looks favorably upon the Shadow Lords and others who strive to keep the Garou Nation strong and out of the hands of the weak, old, corrupt, and incompetent. "Thunder rules with a fist of iron and a voice of silk", is the ancient adage. Thunder is more feared than respected, yet his place amongst the Totems of respect is secure.

Thunder fosters patience, ingenuity, subtlety, and strategy within those he chooses--but it is ultimately directed towards the acquisition of power and the downfall of any incapable or undeserving of wielding it. The respect-through-fear aspect often results in few Garou--especially at-risk Garou in positions of power--trusting those who pack under Grandfather Thunder. For it is the nature of the pack to test those in power, as wolves test a herd of deer, to seek out the weak and unguarded and to pull them down so that others more fit for duty may take their place - if it just so happens that one of Thunder's own is better suited, then that simply speaks to the strength of those who pack under Grandfather.

Obviously, those in power often want to know precisely what Thunder pack is up to. Despite claims of underhandedness, Thunder's children generally usurp power from others via the normal, acceptable means within Garou society: challenges, demonstrating greater skill, or revealing incompetence; however, tipping the scales to favor a challenger often goes hand in hand with the more acceptable means.

The most famous spirits of Grandfather Thunder's brood are the Stormcrows, which are inextricably linked to the Shadow Lords. Grandfather Thunder has also dominated other spirits that others would find difficult to control, such as spirits of night and pain.

Individual Traits - followers of Grandfather Thunder gain one point of Honor Renown, and gain two extra dice to any Intimidation rolls when they invoke Thunder’s name.

Pack Traits - packs that follow Grandfather Thunder gain three dots of Etiquette, as well as five points of Willpower per story. Shadow Lords follow their activities with interest.

Ban - Thunder’s children must not accord their peers and their rivals more respect than those werewolves have earned through their actions. Sycophancy goes against Thunder’s nature.



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