The Grand Masquerade is an event for fans of the World of Darkness organized and operated by White Wolf. It is traditionally held in New Orleans, due to the American city's strong association with vampire mythology. The GM grew out of the ICC (the International Camarilla Convention), which was a similar convention aimed specifically at Camarilla members. LARPers still make up the greatest proportion of players.

Fan organizations from across the spectrum of players are in attendance, including:

Major Events Edit

2010 Edit

The Grand Masquerade 2010 was the first Grand Masquerade event, running from Thursday September 23 through to Sunday September 26. It was the first time that One World by Night and the Camarilla had been brought together in a single "conclave" to discuss their shared future.

The Succubus Club party confirmed the upcoming World of Darkness MMORPG for the first time, as well as the somewhat surprising revelation that it would be based on the Classic World of Darkness rather than the then-current "New" World of Darkness. They presented an exclusive teaser trailer.

2011 Edit

The Grand Masquerade 2011 (September 15-September 18) was during the 20th anniversary of the company, so the release of VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition (Grand Masquerade) was a major event, with many related seminars and announcements.

This GM was also the first time the chat community was explicitly invited, although they did not yet have an organization at this time. Ian A. A. Watson was asked to represent them. A "chat conclave" was held to discuss a potential future organization.

The Succubus Club party showcased models and dancers showcasing some of the clothing options which would be available for characters to wear in the World of Darkness MMORPG, as well as hinting at the starting character options: the seven clans of the Camarilla.

The closing ceremonies included the official signing of the papers which took the Camarilla Fan Club back under independent control, rather than being run by White Wolf. After this point its official name is the Mind's Eye Society.