Final Death:





Unknown, (maybe 5th)




Former Regent of the Sabbat

Gorchist was the Regent of the Sabbat during most of the 19th century. He disappeared after the Code of Milan was agreed upon which would date Galbraith's rise to Regency somewhere after 1933.


Regent Gorchist was the primary signatory of the Purchase Pact of 1803, which ended the First Sabbat Civil War and focused the sect's (and Gorchist's) attentions away from Europe and toward the Americas. During his travels through the Americas to drum up support for the Purchase Pact, he installed Francisco Domingo de Polonia as the first Archbishop of New York, to the continued frustration of New York's sitting Bishop, Ecaterina the Wise. Gorchist disappeared decades later - assassinated by a Ravnos antitribu.

According to VTM: Mexico City by Night Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, Gorchist was assassinated in the 1860s, during the American Civil War and the aftermath of the French invasion of Mexico; his assassination sparked the Second Sabbat Civil War. Caine's Chosen: The Black Hand supports this chronology, as it depicts his successor Melinda Galbraith acting as Regent when the Code of Milan was revised in 1933 as the Second Sabbat Civil War drew to a close.

However, the opening line of the revised Code of Milan, as seen in (among other sources) the Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat and the Guide to the Sabbat, invokes Gorchist's authority in determining the Code's validity, though he is not listed as a signatory of the Code. In order to reconcile these apparently conflicting sources, this line in the Code must be referring to the late Gorchist's actions in maintaining the Code while he still existed.