The rumored Golden Road is the pathway into becoming an archmage.

While normal mages rely on the connection to their watchtower to access the Realms Supernal, the Golden Road stretches across the Abyss from the Fallen World by completing the Astral Path they walked when they Awakened. By mastering their Path and understanding the Mysteries, they break the threshold by accessing the necessary Quintessence- that which represent their very soul and personality- that allows them to finalize their own personal Golden Road. The process itself has many similarities to a Mystery Play.

Many mages never attempt to walk the Golden Road, preferring to stay in charted territories. The majority of those that do search after the Imperial Mysteries never achieve them, following dead-ends and false secrets in the lore accumulated around the Invisible Masters in the eyes of their former peers.


The Golden Road lacks the shrouding in metaphor of the Path, appearing as a shining pathway of Supernal energy stretching through a darkened landscape that flickers with the aura colors of the archmage’s emotional state and flashes with her nimbus  whenever she casts a spell. The symbols of any Quintessences the archmage has used in her career loom from either side of the Road, trophies and reminders of past Imperial spells. There is no reversal, Astral Barrier, or cut-off, but the three gateways to the Oneiros, Temenos, and Dreamtime remain. An archmage can allow others to access his Road by forming Irises that act as portals to every place within the Tapestry.

Golden Roads continue to exist even after the archmage who created them dies. These wendings are dangerous and unstable, but an archmage can claim one as his own if he uses the right Imperial Spell.

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