The Golden Lion Court is the Kuei-jin institution in Singapore.

One of the most important control points of the Golden Courts and their gateway to the modern world, the Kuei-jin of the Golden Lion Court have broken with many of the ancient traditions of the Penangallan, including the exclusion of males from positions of authority. The Kuei-jin who dwelled here are veterans in the struggle against Kin-jin incursions, having defended the city against intrusions from the outside world. Most Singaporean Kuei-jin are there because they were "banished" to the city once they grew powerful enough to challenge the rule of a local Penangallan. Their hatred and resentment of the chaotic jungles and the Penangallan who rule them has turned into an obsession with order and control. No wonder, then, that the Way of the Resplendent Crane is the most practiced Dharma in the city.

The ruling ancestors, also known as Golden Lion Emperors, have more than once contemplated breaking away from the Golden Courts, but they know that the only thing they will earn with it is a swift and bloody war against the rest of the Golden Courts, as Singapore is too important for the Penangallan to be lost. Dhampirs find that the laws of the Golden Lion Court offer them greater freedoms than anywhere else in the Middle Kongdom. Consequently, the city has a large number of Dhampirs who flee other parts of the Middle Kingdom.

In November 2003, the Court was obliterated by a united front of Imbued, who managed to destroy the Court. The only known survivor was Alina Chan, a messenger sent to the rest of the Golden Courts to request aid and spread the news of the threat these new breed of hunter posed for the Hungry Dead.

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