The Godbody of Wood was one of the Godbody Discipline used during the Fourth Age by the Kuei-Jin. It would later devolve into the Flesh Shintai.

It exemplified the pruning of one's self and the cultivation of the vampire's body, treating it like a garden. As a result, it was associated with Yang energies.

Chi Attunement: Dexterity

Official AbilitiesEdit

Included below are the official powers described in the Blood and Silk.

Standard PowersEdit

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    • Pruning the Self: The Kuei-jin could scuff parts of his body (except for the head) and reintegrate plant matter into his body. Furthermore, the Kuei-jin could regenerate any lost body parts, except for the head.
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    • Transplanting the Self: The Kuei-jin could restructure his whole body according to his wishes.
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    • The World Garden: The Kuei-jin could submerse himself in plant matter and freely travel through it, accelerating their normal growth while inhabiting them.
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    • The Vital Command: The Kuei-jin could command the streams of life energy by infusing it into local plant life, possibly killing a living creature with the process. Alternatively, the Kuei-jin could drain life energy from plants to transfer it into his target.
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    • The Spark of Life: The Kuei-jin infused inanimate objects, made out of plant matter and specifically crafted for this task, with life by infusing it with a tiny spark of his souls.


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