The Godbody of Fire was one of the Godbody Discipline used during the Fourth Age by the Kuei-Jin. It would later devolve into the Ghost-Flame Shintai.

It exemplified the nature of flames to rise and consume without regard for its own survival. Practitioners of this Godbody had a higher chance to resist the Wave Soul espoused by flames.

Like its modern counterpart, the Godbody of Fire could utilize both Yin or Yang aspected flames that differed from each other mainly in colour.

Chi Attunement: Stamina

Official AbilitiesEdit

Included below are the official powers described in the Blood and Silk.

Standard PowersEdit

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    • Fire in the Eye: The Kuei-jin could fill himself with fire, resulting in a much higher body temperature and a fiery glow from his body apertures that was very intimidating.
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    • Fire in the Hand: The Kuei-jin could shape existing flames with his bare hands. With the expenditure of chi, the Kuei-jin could also generate fire out of nothing that would last as long as he concentrated on its maintenance.
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    • Self in the Fire: The Kuei-jin fused with existing flames, reforming them into his likeness.
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    • Draining the Fire: The Kuei-jin could channel fire into the spiritual realms
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    • The Tempered Soul: The Kuei-jin became more resistant to the effects of fire and sunlight


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