The Godbody of Earth was one of the Godbody Discipline used during the Fourth Age by the Kuei-Jin. It would later devolve into the Jade Shintai.

It exemplified the balanced nature of earth, aiming to bring the various pulls and currents within a Kuei-jin's soul into a harmonious centered equilibrium. As a result, it was heavily associated with Balance.

Chi Attunement: Strength

Official AbilitiesEdit

Included below are the official powers described in the Blood and Silk.

Standard PowersEdit

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    • Understanding with the Earth: By harmonizing with the Earth beneath him, the Kuei-jin would become unmovable.
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    • Harmony with the Earth: By submitting to the flow of chi, the Kuei-jin would be able to walk on any surface unimpeded.
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    • Unity with the Earth: The Kuei-jin could submerse himself in any surface and reemerge nearby out from any matter
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    • Moving with the Earth: The Kuei-jin could follow a dragon line and reemerge from the soil anywhere in the vicinity of the flow.
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    • The Elemental Self: The Kuei-jin assumed an elemental form, based upon his spended chi (4 Yin resulted in Water; 3 Yin , 1 Yang resulted in Metal; 2 Yin, 2 Yang resulted in Earth; 1 Yin, 3 Yang resulted in Wood and 4 Yang resulted in Fire). Each form had its own associated powers and benefits, as well as drawbacks.


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