Precursors of the modern Shintai Disciplines, the Godbodies were prominent Disciplines in Kuei-jin society during the Fourth Age. In contrast to their modern incarnation, the elemental link between the Discipline and the Kuei-jin was far more pronounced and more like the powers the original Wan Xian had wielded.

When the Fifth Age began, the Godbody Disciplines degenerated into the Shintai arts used by modern Kuei-jin. Not even Bodhisattvas were unaffected by this fundamental change and in the Final Nights, the original Godbody techniques can no longer be duplicated.



Kindred of the East disciplines


Beast Shintai · Blood Shintai · Bone Shintai · Flesh Shintai · Jade Shintai · Ghost-Flame Shintai · Smoke Shintai · Storm Shintai

Chi Arts

Equilibrium · Feng Shui · Tapestry · Yang Prana · Yin Prana

Soul Disciplines:

Chi'iu Muh · Cultivation · Internalize · Mibasham · Obligation · Tzu Wei

Demon Arts

Black Wind · Demon Shintai · Hellweaving · Iron Mountain · Kiai

Bile Shintai:

Balefire Shintai · Decay Shintai · Disease Shintai · Poison Shintai · Radiation Shintai

Godbodies of the Fourth Age:

Godbody of Water · Godbody of Metal · Godbody of Earth · Godbody of Wood · Godbody of Fire


Prayer-Eating . Inward Way. Tempest of Inward Focus

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