Goblins Red in Tooth and Claw are Hobgoblin Hunters specialized in hunting stronger prey with the weapons nature has given them.


They hunt because they must. These hobs have lost their minds. Once, they were intelligent, but the Hedge has a way of wearing down one’s sanity, even the sanity of an otherworldly goblin. Perhaps these creatures were tortured by some malefic Keeper, or perhaps the labyrinthine nature of the tangled briar infected their poor minds. Now, they can do nothing but haunt the Hedge, hunting whatever they find there.

They do not use weapons; they seem incapable of it. It’s all tooth and claw, tentacle and barb — whatever natural weapon lurks on their bodies may find its way rending, slashing, poisoning. The only good news is, these hunters seem driven only to hunt prey that their instincts consider “worthy”. Creatures weaker than them may pass by, receiving little more than a warning snap of the jaws or a guttural growl that might have once been language.

Compare a character’s traits to the traits of the biggest hobgoblin amongst these hunters — generally, the hunters size prey up by their physical presence, so in general add up the changeling’s Physical Attributes and compare to the hob’s Physical Attributes. If the changeling is higher, the hobs may hunt. If it’s equal to or lesser, then they’ll ignore the changeling unless they’re provoked.


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