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Goblin Market by AndyHep

Goblin Market

Goblin Markets are the fae equivalent to black markets, often moving location, in which changelings, hobgoblins, and other fae barter for illicit goods and services.


Found within the Hedge, and sometimes even outside it in esoteric places at certain times of the year, month, or day, a goblin market is a place where anything and everything can be bought. Even things that seem impossible to acquire within the mundane world can be found here, such as "the sound of a cat's footfalls", or the "death of a thief."

Rules and RegulationsEdit

No goblin market is ever truly the same as the other. Each has its own set of rules for what can be sold, bought, or traded away. Some have laws that disallow entry to those who don't wear a particular article of clothing, while others only allow a particular type of hob to work within.

Selling ones wares at a goblin market is not as simple as putting up a tent and badgering people to buy. Every market requires a potential merchant to come under a sort of "trade agreement" bound by the Wyrd. Refusing to accept this requirement results in a very hostile reaction from the locals.


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