Atlantean Glyphs were reportedly the writing system of the Atlantean people. Although fragments of them can be found in various Atlantean ruins all across the world, modern mages use slightly different systems. To Awakened scholars, Atlantean runes show no hint of the evolution that later writing systems experienced. These symbols were never representations of everyday things. Willworkers who use Mage Sight to view the Tapestry in detail find that as they block the surface sensations of sight, sound and form from their consciousness, objects dissolve into shimmering, interwoven strands of Mana and resonance — and the bends and twists of these threads look like a lot like Atlantean runes strung together in ever-changing patterns. Other scripts represent sounds or words. Atlantean symbols represent reality itself. Similar to spoken High Speech, Atlantean glyphs (also called “runes”) can also absorb cultural influences to the point where debate exists as to what constitutes the Pure written form of the Awakened language. Adding to this confusion is the way mages who come from non-literate cultures perceive it.

Regardless of origin, Glyphs are quite useful for mages. Atlantean glyphs can be inscribed onto the target of a transitory or prolonged spell to automatically extend the spell’s Duration. If the spell is area-affecting, the periphery of each cardinal direction must be marked with a rune. As such, Glyphs find their use most often in Rituals or Wards.

Various Glyph writing techniquesEdit

  • Classical: To the Diamond orders, this represents pure written Atlantean. The symbols for the Practices, Arcana and Paths are all Classical glyphs.
  • Illuminated: The Illuminated category includes pictograms and even actual illustrations whose lines draw the eye to follow them to their hidden meaning. It is most common among Awakened that originated in non-literate cultures.
  • Palimpsest: The Palimpsest style refers to a style of writing in which runes are inscribed in an overlapping pattern. Scribes take stylistic liberties with the supposed Pure form of the rune to create complex occult sigils, geometric patterns and even illustrations. Most Legacy symbols are Palimpsests.
  • Vulgar: Vulgar glyphs are Classical Atlantean glyphs mixed with mortal scripts. Although frowned upon by traditionalists, Vulgar glyphs find their way into Awakened mainstream via various traditions.

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