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Glitches are defects in a Demon's Cover that betray his supernatural origins. Glitches are the result of lacking maintenance from the God-Machine, which used to keep its Angels intact and working (or at least recycle their parts to assemble a new Angel). Glitches depend on a variety of catalysts, but most are tied to the Demons Primum. Most vanish after a certain period of time, but some are more persistent.

Glitches can be classified into three categories: Tells, Brands and Emanation. Each Glitch, however, is unique and few Demons have manifested the same Glitch, as a Glitch is also a representation of a Demon's advancement of his Descent.

  • Tells are unusual habits and involuntary mental behaviors that can range from the inability to cover one's head to being forced to speak in rhymes
  • Brands are physical alterations that can range from minor circuit-like patterns on one's skin to the inability to consume anything but battery acid
  • Emanations are phenomenons that the Demons projects to bystanders. They can range from unusual scents to the Demon randomly freezing or skipping in time like a malfunctioning video


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