Among the Society of Leopold, the Gladius Dei is the most battle-hardened division. Its membership is by invitation from the Inquisitor-General only, and is comparable to a knighthood within the Society. Its members are, in many senses, the ideal Inquisitors: Loyal without fault, zealous, courageous, and capable. Most die early martyr deaths.

Members of Gladius Dei may originally come from any division or faction, and aren't required to end their affiliation with these groups. Upon joining Gladius Dei, however, connections with other factions often dissolve -- particularly where such connections might cause strife within Gladius Dei. Loyalty is inevitably transferred from other allegiances toward Gladius Dei. Some members of Gladius Dei operate together as cenacles, while others operate as part of standard cenacles, prepared to be called to duty at any given moment. Gladius Dei's members are cocky, even a tad arrogant, but with good reason -- no auto-da-fé called by Gladius Dei has been a failure.

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