The Giovanni Chronicles is a chronicle that follows the rise of the Giovanni clan. The chronicle takes place across four different stories, each published as its own book. It begins in 1444 and ends in 2000, spanning the gap from the tail end of the Dark Ages to the Final Nights.

Giovanni Chronicles I: The Last SupperEdit

Main article: Giovanni Chronicles I: The Last Supper

In 1444, the player characters are tormented and Embraced by the Conspiracy of Isaac, a cabal of elders who are plotting to overthrow the Cappadocian clan and seize its power for the upstart Giovanni.

Giovanni Chronicles II: Blood & FireEdit

Main article: Giovanni Chronicles II: Blood & Fire

In 1666, the coterie who were Embraced in the first chapter, now known as the Children of Isaac, are reunited to quash an occult threat against the Kindred of London.

Giovanni Chronicles III: The Sun Has SetEdit

Main article: Giovanni Chronicles III: The Sun Has Set

In 1888, the Children of Isaac seek to thwart the ambitions of Ambrogino Giovanni in Egypt.

Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova MalattiaEdit

Main article: Giovanni Chronicles IV: Nuova Malattia

Over the course of the twentieth century, a coterie of Giovanni neonates in Boston cross paths with the legacy of the Children of Isaac and face the final vengeance of Cappadocius.

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