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Gilgul is a rite of permanently separating a Mage from their Avatar, destroying both it and the mage's ability to do magic or reincarnate.

There are, in fact, two kinds of Gilgul:

  • Partial: often applied to reduce someone's permanent Paradox, by giving up a part of the avatar at the same time as Paradox. Gamewise, it means one dot of avatar for one dot of permanent Paradox reduced this way, and it needs Spirit 5.
  • Complete: often applied by the Technocracy on captured Mages, this one completely erases the ability to do magic by completely destroying the avatar. Only high levels of Spirit (something like 9) can restore the ability to do magic, and the paradox implied by that means is colossal, except maybe with ritual magic...MTAs: Mage: The Ascension Revised Edition, p. 40
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