The Gifts of the Alu are the powers that a vampire of the En bloodline gain from their Alu. However an En must be careful with his Humanity, as if it drops to 0 then the Alu consumes his soul and impersonates him.

Powers Edit

The Gifts do not come in dots, and can be purchased in any order, however for the purposes of gaining the Gifts, the number of Gifts already collected count as Discipline dots for determining Experience Point costs.

The only requirement for the Gifts are a certain minimum Blood Potency.

  • Addiction Immunity (requires Blood Potency 1): The En becomes immune to all drugs, vitae and the act of Diablerie
  • Transcend Amaranth (requires Blood Potency 2): The Alu assists the En when he commits Diablerie, and shields his aura from the black streaks that would usually be gained by such an act and prevents him from getting a derangement
  • Build Brood (requires Blood Potency 4): can Embrace by spending a point of Willpower instead of a dot
  • Blood of the En (requires Blood Potency 7): The Alu can sustain the En for an extended peroid of time, preventing the En from going into Torpor
  • Loose Alu (requires Blood Potency 8): The En can suck out another Kindred's soul with a single touch, removing the need to commit Diablerie
  • Reshape Soul (requires Blood Potency 10): The En can choose to take a dot of a bloodlines unique Discipline, as well as the benefits of Transcend Amaranth or Loose En

References Edit

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