Giacomo Giuccardini








Enrico Giuccardini

Giacomo Giuccardini was the Lasombra ambassador to Clan Tremere before the Anarch Revolt.

Born as the son of a rat-catcher in Naples, Giacomo's earliest concerns were about simple survival. Forced to prostitution, one of his clients was the son of a prominent banker, who tried to woe him by presenting him expensive gifts. When his lover grew jealous of his other clients, Giacomo was forced to kill him during a heated argument. He was taken by the men of Enrico Giuccardini, the father of his victim. Unknown to him, Enrico was a vampire and had long hoped to find such a crafty person like Giacomo after his son had proven himself unworthy for the gift of immortality. He presented Giacomo to society as his bastard and began tutoring him in the ways of the elite. After several years, Giacomo was granted the Embrace. During a tour to Paris, Giacomo met with Goratrix and the two discussed an alliance between the two Clans. The Amici Noctis granted Giacomo the right to go to Ceoris to act as their ambassador and eventually negotiate between them.

His future fate is not known, but his proceedings might had an influence on the acceptance of the Tremere antitribu into the Sabbat.

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