Ghostshot ammo is ammunition endowed with the power to wound ghosts. It requires a source of ectoplasm to manufacture. It is routinely used by operatives of Terrell & Squib.

Materials Edit

The ectoplasm can be obtained one of two ways:

  • Corpus -  the recently deceased leave a portion of their spirit in the carcass left behind, with the careful application of a ritual containment can successfully siphon some of that essence or ectoplasm turning the spiritual into substance. Grave robbing is an offence by law and moral standing.
  • The tricker version for more ammo - Destroying/Capturing a Wraith and converting them into ammo.

The bullets also require a casing of pure silver. Spiritually the only pure substance that can hold ectoplasm indefinitely. It has to be pure silver or the bullets degrade at the same rate of the decomposition of a corpse.

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