Gerasimos was an Obertus Tzimisce monk, who was forced to flee Byzantium after the Fourth Crusade.


Embraced by a childe of Gesu, Gerasimos was tutored in the ways of the Divinity Within and knew most of the more prominent Cainites of the city, including Gregory the Wonder-Maker. He beared witness to the Fourth Crusade and the end of the Dream of Constantinople. He escaped along with his ghouled servant Nikodemus. His way led him to France, where he and his ghoul found sanctuary in a refugee camp near Paris.

In the refugee camp, he made the acquaintance of the Malkavian Anatole and his ward, the Ravnos Zoë. He introduced them to Bardas, the informal leader of the refugees, and later aided them in erecting their shelters. He also supported Anatole in his rivalry with the Toreador Folcaut, a priest of the Cainite Heresy that searched for easy convertites in the camp, and tended Anatole's torpid body following an assault of the Red Order against the heretical church that had been orchestrated by the Malkavian and temporally assumed Anatoles role as the Ashen Priest of the Road of Heaven for the refugees. Gerasimos later presented the evidence to the camp leadership that the Cainite Heresy had alerted the Red Order to the Cainite camp in the first place to weed out the unbelievers.

His future fate is not recorded


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