The Gauntlet (also referred to as the Scar, the Wall, the Cage, the Barricade or God's Hands) separates the Shadow Realm from the Realms Material and is in a constant flux depending on location and supernatural activity.


The Gauntlet was created during the Sundering, in the Neolithic Age. Uratha legends hold that the death of Father Wolf was what solidified the Border Reaches of Pangaea into the spiritual dimension that it is today. In fact, the decay of the Border Reaches had begun much earlier, with Urfahrah's death as the final straw that drove the world apart.

Mages refer to it as one of the Realms Invisible. Manipulation of the Gauntlet falls under the Spirit Arcanum. Breaches in the Gauntlet are called Verges and allow for a short interaction with the strange beings that exist inside this inhospitable dimension.

The local strength of the Gauntlet depends on multiple factors. One is the presence of humans: The more humans are in a given locale, the harder it becomes to cross the Gauntlet.