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When the Exarchs ascended the Celestial Ladder to lay claim to the Supernal Realm, they realized they could not control a place of infinite possibilities, unbound by the laws, even with the use of High Speech. The Gate was the one who answered this dilemma. Known as the Dark Man at the Crossroads, she became the Iron Seal of the Abyss. Whether he created it, or merely named it, the Lonely Exarch ensured her peers sovereignty over a flawed and broken world. However, to keep the Abyss from consuming the Fallen World outright, the Gate was forced to seal himself within the Void. To this day, Seers are warned against worshiping the Gate, fearing the machinations of something that exists not within the Supernal, but within the Place Between reality. Those that do listen, however, become members of a legacy known as the Secret Order of the Gate.

Some ponder that the Exarchs fear the Gate, their forlorn brother knowing secrets beyond truth and reason that could not be matched if brought to bear. If true, then the Lonely Exarch has yet to confront her fellow tyrants, which perhaps leads to all the more paranoia from Exarch and Seer alike.



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