Gary Golden


Gorgeous Gary


c. 1960







"Gorgeous" Gary Golden is the Nosferatu Primogen of Los Angeles in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Together with other Nosferatu he lives in a Nosferatu Warrens under Hollywood sewers.


When he was a mortal he was a famous movie star, especially during the 30s and 40s. It was around 1960 when he was embraced and disappeared from the world of mortals, who officially pronounced him dead in 1965. It is likely that his transformation is the reason for his cynicism and bitterness. As he himself states about his face, "I like looking at it in the mirror. Builds character."

The player character is sent to find Gary by prince Sebastian LaCroix in order to learn the location of the Ankaran Sarcophagus. Gary sends the player to Chinatown to find his agent Barabus; after that he reveals that the Sarcophagus is now possessed by the Giovanni.

When the player first meets him Gary speaks to him obfuscated and the end of the conversation he disappears out of the player's side suddenly, again using Obfuscate. He also had prepared well-dressed corpses of actors around a table. If the player is responsive to his obfuscation Gary claims to be the voice in the character's head. If the Malkavian player responds that Gary sounds nothing like the voice in his head he says "maybe I killed the voice in your head, boss". Calling the player "boss" is something he does quite often.

Imalia (a classic Cleopatra) and Mitnick were embraced by him. He also has a lot of hatred for the Toreador, who according to him deny their vampiric nature and are nothing more than a waste of blood. He mentions being highly unpopular in Chinatown.

He owns erotic photos of various female characters.


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