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Garinol was the abbot of Petrin Hill Monastery (also called Strahov Abbey), in Prague during the Dark Medieval.


Garinol was born sometime in the late 11th century. Before he converted to Christianity, Garinol was raised as a follower of the cult of Mithras in mortal life. After watching his family die of plague before him as a child, his fascination with morbity began. Like most orphaned children, he was deposited in the care of the Church. Garinol converted to Christianity and became a monk.

His fascination with death did not cease, however, as he would kill small animals and attempt to raise them from the dead. Though his peers had no idea in regards to his hobby, his actions did not go unnoticed. Brother Jervais, a Cappadocian, Embraced the 22 year-old Garinol and welcomed him into the ossuary under abbey. In time, Garinol was made abbot. Then, he became the advisor and ally of the Ventrue Prince of Prague, Rudolf Brandl, although his allegiance remained first to his Clan.

The abbot Garinol had great influence over the church affairs of Prague and was respected among mortal church leaders as a learned scholar and holy leader. Even if they did leave his company feeling a little fatigued. A run-in with the Golem of Prague in the Jewish Quarter sparked an obsession with Kabbalistic magic and uncovering the secrets of golemcraft in order to enhance his Clan's knowledge of animating the lifeless. To this end, he developed a relationship with Josef Zvi (the lord of the Jewish Quarter, who later replaced the Ventrue as Prince of Prague). More horrifically, he began kidnapping innocent mortals clandestinely to experiment with his new theories.

Ultimately, Garinol was forced to flee the Old World and set out for the New World in a bid to escape Final Death or Diablerie by his clan-cousins, the Giovanni. His ship never arrives, however, with Garinol lost to torpor at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, while the fish of the deep waters consume his flesh.

Character SheetEdit

Garinol Cappadocius, Abbot of Petrin Hill Monastery
Sire: Brother Jervais
Nature: Monster
Demeanor: Penitent
Generation: 9th
Embrace: 1099
Apparent Age: 22
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 4, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 3
Talents: Alertness 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2, Subterfuge 3
Skills: Etiquette 4, Herbalism 3, Melee 1, Performance (Acting, Music) 2, Stealth 3
Knowledges: Academics 3, Hearth Wisdom 1, Investigation 3, Linguistics 2 (Hebrew, Latin), Medicine 2, Occult 3, Science (Biology) 4, Theology 2
Disciplines: Auspex 4, Fortitude 2, Mortis 3
Mortis Paths: Grave’s Decay 3
Backgrounds: Contacts 1, Herd 2, Influence 3, Retainers 2
Virtues: Conscience 1, Self-Control 4, Courage 4
Morality: Road of Heaven 5
Willpower: 7


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