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Name: Gargoyle
Plural: Gargoyles
Pronunciation: gahr'-goyl
Founder: Tremere
Disciplines: Fortitude, Potence, Visceratika, Flight

The Gargoyles are a bloodline created by the Tremere as servitors. Although technically not a Tremere bloodline, the bloodline is largely under their control.

The Gargoyles were created using the blood of three different clans: the Gangrel, the Nosferatu, and the Tzimisce. The blood was combined to form three specific types of Gargoyle: scouts (Gangrel-Nosferatu), warriors (Gangrel-Tzimisce), and sentinels (Nosferatu-Tzimisce). Warriors focus on Potence and combat Abilities; sentinels focus on Fortitude, Alertness and other such Traits; and scouts practise Stealth, Survival and the like.

History Edit

Dark Ages Edit

Nicknames: Slaves
Allegiance: Tremere

The bloodline was first created via Thaumaturgical ritual in 1167, created in three variants: the Gangrel-Nosferatu, Gangrel-Tzimisce, and Nosferatu-Tzimisce. For the first several centuries after their creation, all their "powers" were in the form of rituals cast upon them by their Tremere masters.[1]

Victorian Age Edit

Nicknames: Guardians
Faction: Indentured: Tremere. Free: Nominally Camarilla

At this point in their history, Gargoyles have "evolved" beyond the need for Tremere rituals, instead having developed their own special Discipline, called Visceratika.

Final Nights Edit

Faction: Indentured: Tremere. Free: Nominally Camarilla

Many free Gargoyles during the Final Nights have discovered that while they may be vampires, they are also practically their own species. Some even claim that they are capable of biological reproduction with other Gargoyles.[citation needed]

Organization Edit

Culture Edit

Embraces Edit

Version Differences Edit


Gargoyles symbol (from VTM)

Note that the Gargoyles have two "official" symbols: the first is that used in Vampire books, and is identical to the generic Vampire: The Masquerade ankh used in Revised. The second symbol is the alchemical symbol for Earth superimposed upon a silhouette of the Tremere symbol.

The ankh was used for their appearance in the VTM: Guide to the Camarilla Bullet-pdf , while the Tremere-based symbol was used in VTES. For the Wiki, the small VTES version of the symbol was recreated and enlarged for practical use. This enlarged version later made it into VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip as the official symbol.

Non-Canon Edit

Professional game developer Lee Garvin of "Tales From The Floating Vagabond" wrote "Gargoyles: The Vigil", a well-developed sourcebook for incorporating Gargoyles as presented in Disney's cartoon of the same name into the cWOD.

Proponents of this homebrew point to the high quality of the show's writing, its dark overtones drawn from Shakespearean and mixed mythological sources and the high quality of the supplement's writing as distinctions that place it high above most homebrew rules. The themes presented in the Gargoyles cartoon easily lend themselves to inclusion in Changeling and Werewolf stories.

References Edit

  1. VTDA: Book of Storyteller Secrets (VTDA), p. 76
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