Name: Gaolers of Ialdabaoth
Nicknames: Wise Brothers
Path: any
Order: any
Arcana: Spirit

The Gaolers of Ialdabaoth are a rare Legacy that responds to anyone who has mastered the Ialdabaoth Codex, an ancient grimoire composed by mages who banished abyssal intruders into its pages. A mage who can brave these dangers can travel to the Temenos, where he is introduced into the Legacy.


The Gaolers of Ialdabaoth are the outgrowth of the philosophies and goals of the Thunder-Perfect Brotherhood, a cabal of Mysterium and Guardians of the Veil personally interested in the Supernal Truths to be found within Egypto-Syrian Gnosticism. The Brotherhood used its revelations to protect the Mysteries, establishing several small heretical cells dedicated to the study and practice of Gnostic thought, despite the presence of Frankish overlords who ruled the so-called Principality of Antioch. Due to conflicts with a cabal of Scelesti known as the Ialdabaoth Concord, the cabal found themselves under assault from abyssal monstrosities. They struggled long against the threat, until one of the cabal began to shape his soul according to the needs of the cabal and created the Ialdabaoth Codex. The pages of the grimoire acted as a prison for the abyssal beings that assaulted them. After the cabal had dissolved, the Gaolers continued their task, until they got extinct due to a lack of apprentices and their own dangerous struggle. Only the Codex remains, going through the hands of several mages that seek to unravel its secrets. Some manage to shape their souls according to the tenets of the Gaolers, but many overlook the hints, instead focusing on the abyssal bestiary it contains.

Introduction into the Legacy is done via the Ialdabaoth Codex. After himself, the reader can reach the secret sanctum of the former cabal within the Temenos. Atlantean wards protect the sanctum from unwelcome intruders and only those who have followed the clues of the Codex can enter.

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