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For the sourcebook Games of Divinity, which provides basic background on the Gods, Demons and Elementals of Creation, see Games of Divinity (book).

The Games of Divinity are games played by the Gods in their Jade Pleasure Dome in the city of Yu-Shan. The Games are not games manipulating the lives of mortals (although Gods do plenty of that as well), they are something ineffable. The Games are largely played only the highest Gods, although lesser Gods may occasionally play a move as payment for a very large service. The Games are viewable by Gods (but not by mortals or Exalted), although the view of the Games within the domes is a function of Rank.

The Games of Divinity are highly addictive; at least since the Usurpation the major Gods have been absorbed in the games themselves and letting Creation fall by the wayside. This negligence has spread throughout Creation and caused a variety of problems which, while partly ameliorated by the Sidereals and the Immaculate Order, have been growing worse as time passes.

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