An aspiring sculptor of great potential, Gallasyn, childer of Enasius, was one of the original Roman Toreador brought to Constantinople to fulfill Michael's Dream. He was also the first to leave the city when, in the 700s, the patriarch's influence stated to dominate and stifle the creativity of the other Toreador. After wandering Europe, Gallasyn realized his error in leaving Constantinople and returned hoping to be readmitted into the Michaelites. Feeling betrayed by Gallasyn, Michael refused his request, but Khay'tall interceded and "adopted" the sculptor as a member of the Children of Judas. Miserable in exile from Michael, Gallasyn was the first of the Toreador to fall to the influence of the Setites. Their vices offered him mindless comfort and allowed him to retreat into his own carnal nature. This granted him the epithet "the first Fallen", as he was only the first to succumb to the tempations of the Setites.

The Children of Judas eventually left Gallasyn by the wayside, having exhausted his potential for depravity. He then became an advisor to the Narsene Lasombra when they first arrived in the city. The Narsene had little to do with Gallasyn, even though he was still loosely associated with them. He stalked with mortal rape gangs in the slums and spended a great deal of time in the Silk Road's hashish den where he feasted on drug-laced vitae.

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