Gaianism is an obscure vampiric religion found within some of the Gangrel, Brujah and Nosferatu clans.


The Gaian faith draws from the Gaia Hypothesis and is a fairly recent development. According to Gaian belief, vampirism is a mutation grown out by the Earth itself to keep the ever growing population of humans in check.

As a result it is a moral duty to cull the heard, sparing humanity of famines and diseases that grow out of overpopulations. The Beast is not something to be shunned, but to be embraced and harnessed for the purpose of hunting. As a result, few Gaians have qualms about killing their prey and seek to cultivate both the Beast and the Man within themselves to become the ultimate predator. Most Gaianists regard human concepts like “Salvation” or “Redemption” as pitiful illusions made by those who cannot accept their nature.

Followers of Gaianism often either stay connected to Humanity, or chose to follow Paths of Enlightenment that propose a coexistence between the Man and the Beast, such as the Path of Harmony.


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