Gabriel Shining-Gold

Gabriel Shining-Gold.

Gabriel Shining-Gold is a rank 2 homid Galliard Stargazer. He is in Egypt because Sphinx, a Stargazer totem, has grown more and more difficult to summon and his riddles harder and harder to answer ever since they left the Garou Nation. This is very difficult for any Stargazer who fails to answer a riddle, as they tend to obsess over finding the answer. Gabriel is trying to find out what Sphinx is behaving so strangely and if and how the Stargazers have offended him.

Gabriel is light-skinned and has chestnut hair, but Arabic features. He usually wears blue jeans and loose shirts, and always has a scarf to wrap around his face for desert journeys. He is young, cocky, and happy to have made it to Egypt without a pack. He was born to Kinfolk parents, one American, and one Saudi, and he grew up on a military base. He is very restless and never stays in one place for very long, which is one of reasons why he doesn't have a pack. However, he is rapidly discovering how dangerous Egypt can be, so he is considering trying to find other lone Garou to create one.[1]


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