Gülcan Ostadasadli


Assamite Sorcerer

Gülcan Ostadasadli is an Assamite Sorceress and an acquaintance of Rutor, a Tremere involved in the Conspiracy of the Red Sign.


Originally from Turkey, Ostadasadli has a powerful spirit as mentor who aids her by teachings her potent spells (outsiders would claim that she is possessed). She was called by Rutor to aid them in the investigation of the Red Sign, but they only discovered that her spirit-based magic could not really help their cause. For this reason, Ostadasadli was never included in the inner circle of the Conspiracy and Rutor paid her a hefty sum for her silence.

Her mentor, however, has demanded that she seeks a way to return to Rutor's good grace, even providing her with new rituals that could be of use. All that the entity wishes is that Ostadasadli is present when the ritual is finally performed.


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