Fyodor is a character from the Hunter: The Reckoning series. He is a Visionary and is the Author of Apocrypha.


Not much of Fyodor's early life is known. He was born in the Soviet Union and his brother was in the KGB. The earliest moment revealed about Fyodor is his Imbuing. While he was walking in a park in Kolpino four "shaven-headed fools" attack an old man. Fyodor chooses not to get involved, although a Good Samaritan rushes to the man's aid and fights the four. While Fyodor watches, the Messengers Imbue him, giving him the message "ON WHICH SIDE DO YOU STAND?". After the Good Samaritan finishes with the four Fyodor asks him the question that the Messengers posed to him. The Man seemed shocked at the question, but pointed at the ground and said "hers." The man then asked Fyodor "What about you?". Fyodor simply pointed at the old man. The Samaritan then helped the old man away.


Some time later Fyodor met Emma, a mage, in a library. The two talked several times about various topics, including the Holy Grail. After Fyodor had learned enough he poisoned Emma and used his brother's contacts to dispose of the body.


Although he wasn't mentioned in the core rulebook, Fyodor sent Violin99 a parchment that Violin posted on hunter-net. His first appearance in the series came when he took Bookworm55 on a trip around the United States. Although he was angry that Bookworm had gone of on his own and met another Innocent, he later replaced Bookworm's lost legs before leaving.

At this point Violin had created Anchorite Press to publish Fyodor's book Apocrypha. The book details Fyodor's investigation into the supernatural and the Messengers, as well as the signs of the end.

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