Francisca Santos dos Rodriguez

Francisca Santos dos Rodrigues


-Ozana Vargas

-Julia Azevedo




Lasombra/ possibly Angellis Ater



Francisca Santos dos Rodriguez is an Infernalist and one of the thirteen Anathema. She is also seen as the personal nemesis to the Brujah Justicar, Manuela Cardoso Pinto.


Born in Brazil during the 17th or 18th century, Francisca Santos dos Rodriguez is an enigma to vampiric society. What sparse information about her origin has been gathered (and that is believed to be a constructed lie by the Justicars) is that she was born in Santos and later moved to a small farm in Recife. Eventually, she left her farm and joined a band of portuguese settlers. She married one of their numbers and moved to São Paulo, where she had twin sons.

At her 25th birthday, records show that she slaughtered her own sons and offered their internal organs to satanic powers in exchange for their blessing. After spending a single night in a cell, she escaped and mortal authorities were unable to find any trace of her.

In 2009, Francisca clashed first with Manuela Cardoso Pinto, who was a Josian at the time. She hunted her down, tracking her via various grimoires and similar artifacts that Francisca had hidden in Catholic Churches. During this time, Francisca demonstrated the ability to command demons as well as the substantial darkness associated with Obtenebration. She claims that a greater darkness rises, even darker than the Baali Methuselah that sleeps beneath Mexico City. She has been traced to Mexico and several Archons are sure that the earthquake of 2014 was her doing. Manuela, now the Justicar, believes that Francisca's goal is awakening sleeping Baali Ancients and her influence was substantiell for adding her to the Red List, out of fear what she would attempt next.

Character SheetEdit

Name: Francisca Santos dos Rodrigues

Trophy Clan: Brujah

Known Alias(es): Ozana Vargas, Julia Azevedo

Sire: Unknown

Clan: Lasombra (Rumor: Angellis Ater bloodline)

Nature: Deviant

Demeanor: Enigma

Generation: Ninth

Embrace: Exact date unknown. Sometime in the 17th or 18th century.

Apparent Age: Mid 20s

Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4

Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3

Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 4

Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 3, Awareness 4, Brawl 3, Empathy 2, Expression 2, Intimidation 2, Leadership 4, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 4

Skills: Animal Ken 1, Crafts 2, Drive 2, Etiquette 3, Firearms 2, Larceny 2, Melee 3, Performance 2, Stealth 4, Survival 3

Knowledges: Academics 4, Computer 2, Finance 3, Investigation 3, Law 4, Medicine 3, Occult 4, Politics 4, Science 2, Technology 2

Disciplines: Auspex 2, Celerity 2, Daimoinon 4, Dominate 4, Fortitude 2, Obfuscate 3, Obtenebration 4, Potence 2, Thaumaturgy 3 (Hands of Destruction 3, Weather Control 2)

Dark Thaumaturgy Rituals: Curse of Oedipus, Video Nefas, Call Forth the Host, Bind the Interloper

Backgrounds: Alternate Identity 3, Contacts 2, Rituals 2, Status (Sabbat, as Ozana)

Virtues: Conviction 3, Instinct 3, Courage 4

Morality: Path of Evil Revelations 5

Willpower: 7

Blood Pool/Max per Turn: 14/2


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