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François Villon

François Dumas was a Toreador architect who was coherced into building the Temple of Eternal Whispers of Montreal.


François was a famous Camarilla architect captured by Kyle Strathcona and forced to build the Communal Haven of the Montreal Sabbat with the help of slaves and dominated workers. After the haven was completed, François' own flesh and blood were used to make a copy of the original plans for the building and he was finally sealed deep within the temple’s winding tunnels in what the Sabbat called Dumas' Tomb.

Every few decades, the captured Toreador awakes from torpor, his form swirling with undead cholera that infests the place thanks to the influence of the demon Metathiax. All François can do is throw himself against the tomb walls and mingle his screams with the screams he helped preserve in this Temple until he falls into slumber again.


Montreal by Night, p. 64

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