Foxy Boxes is an abandoned warehouse that serves as a haven to a Cathayan vampire, in the game Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.


Foxy Boxes are a warehouse whose former employee (Virgil Crumb) was admitted to the S.M.M.C. morgue. Annotations found on Arthur Kilpatricks database describe Crumb's death a result of heart failure. However, examing his corpse reveals odd points of interest. Only one opportunity will be given to collect items inside Foxy Boxes. The moment the player character depart, he cannot re-enter the building. Depending upon the players concern, a computer can be found inside an office to the right. There are memos, entered by the Cathayan. Notes about the player character are mentioned as well.

The asian vampireEdit

Once the player character enter the main warehouse, his opponent steps from the shadows, bowing in engagement he springs into battle. The simplest mean of defeating him is showing no mercy. Meaning, leaving no room to defend himself, hacking away relentlessly has proven effective.



Usually when in battle mode the game identifies enemies species or more intimately, their names. During the showdown with the Asian vampire, the title "Cathayan" appears (which is the Kindred term for the Kuei-jin).


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