Name: Forge Masters
Nicknames: Powersmiths
Path: Moros
Order: any
Arcana: Prime

The Forge Masters are a Legacy that is dedicated to creating and improving powerful artifacts and devices infused with the essence of the Materia Prima. Forge Masters strengthen the metaphysical imbuement of purpose that distinguishes a tool from unshaped matter. At first, a Powersmith can work only a slight augmentation to make a tool or weapon subtly better at fulfilling its purpose, whatever that may be. Later, the Forge Master can strengthen this subtle power enough that an item can affect incorporeal entities. The greatest Powersmiths live up to their nickname by creating magic items from primal energy itself.


Long before Egypt, Sumer, or China, the mages of Atlantis wrought wonders in their forges of power. They knew their Art revealed a sacred, Supernal truth: In creating tools, the smith did more than change the substance or shape of matter. He imbued matter with purpose, making it an extension of human thought and human will. This metaphysical change was at least as great and wonderful a miracle as the production of metal from ore. Today, in the age of mass production and factory work, the mystery of creating things has become too commonplace for many people to appreciate, but the Forge Masters still have many recruits. Traditionally, blacksmiths are men. A few women join the Powersmiths, but they all have trouble finding masters willing to initiate them. Even Forge Masters who are not actively chauvinistic may wonder if a woman has the upper-body strength for the work, so female members find themselves working twice as hard for half the respect.

In many parts of the Third World, blacksmiths still practice their trade as a regular part of village culture. Any man who Awakens as a Moros soon learns about the Forge Masters as a career option. Any blacksmith who Awakens is expected to join the Forge Masters, whether he's a Moros or not, though no one actually forces the choice on a mage. The Forge Masters' idiosyncratic approach to magic expresses itself in their approach to grimoires. Instead of books, Forge Masters inscribe their grimoires in metal. The glyphs of a grimoire could hide in the filigree of a bracelet or the chasing of a brooch, but some Powersmiths prefer to hammer their grimoires into the metal itself.

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