Garou glyph signifying Fomori.

Fomori are a type of Possessed aligned with the Wyrm. Usually the work of full-body Bane possession, a fomor is corrupted in mind, body, and spirit.


The fomori are created when a Bane possesses a human via a spiritual "hole" left by some form of sin or spiritual corruption. The Bane will slowly gain more and more control, until they are completely fused with the host and cannot be separated. Fomori powers vary wildly, but are usually based strongly on the type of possessing Bane and/or their method of creation.  For example, a typical Bane of Lust will result in a type of fomor known as an Enticer.

Fomori may have some connection to Fomorians. However, the most common (although hardly the only) method of Bane infection is via Pentex; either through employment or usage of its omnipresent products, an unwitting individual can open themselves to possession. Their Gaian counterparts are called Kami, while the Weaver ones are called Drones and those of the Wyld are Gorgons.


An unusually potent fomor is referred to as a fomarch. The minimum threshold of potency for Pentex to classify a fomor as one of its elite fomarchs is that it must possess combat effectiveness comparable to that of a werewolf (in their Crinos form of course). To illustrate the upper end of combat effectiveness that Pentex has achieved with creating fomarchs, Pentex has a particular hooked-appendage fomarch monstrosity which after the conclusion of one of its "missions" requires a team of twenty lesser fomarchs to return it to its cryogenic containment, and most of the team does not survive the task of containing it. For Pentex to truly consider the creation of any particular fomarch to be a total success though, that fomarch must also be able to fully pass as human and not have any maladies which would inherently reduce its life expectancy.

Named FomarchsEdit

  • Icomammus - A levitating psychic tentacled jellyfish-like abortion-of-nature
  • Temenathus the Great - A cannibalistic chiropteran predator with acid-secreting glands
  • "Unicorn" - A shark-like tracker with a mystically sensitive chitinous horn

Types of Fomori Edit

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