This basic defensive effect enables the psion to vent excess heat away from himself reflexively. The psion can use Flame immunity to resist damage from fire, heat or even super-heated plasma.


Spend a Psi point and roll; each success adds one point to your character‘s soak against both Bashing and Lethal heat or Fire effects. This resistance may also be used against super-heated effects such as plasma or lasers, but at half the total successes rolled (rounded up). This effect activates automatically and lasts for the remainder of the scene. At 3 Pyrokinesis, Flame immunity may be extended around your character over a number of meters in radius equal to half his Psi score (round up). With Four dots in Pyrokinesis, this radius increases equal to your character’s full Psi score. In contrast to Thermal Screen, this power reduces your character‘s infra-red signature while in effect since he’s dissipating heat away from himself (those with 1R-sensing equipment who monitor in his direction are at +1 difficulty to detect your Character’s register).


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