The First Klaive was the first fetish ever created by the garou, whose actual name is lost in time.


According to Silver Fangs legends, this klaive was created when the world was young, a time when the Wyrm had just caused the rift between the material world and the spiritual world. It is told that the garou and the spirits were hindered in their ability to defend themselves after this catastrofic event, as the legend follows the story of a pack led by Claws in the Still Night, a wise and powerful Ahroun alpha, and composed of Shadow, Firetooth and Wind-howl. His pack is ambushed and brutally slaughtered by powerful fomori who display strange and insurmountable abilities.

The only werewolf who survived the ambush was the youngest of the pack, the female Galliard Wind-howl. She was spared by the Wyrm servants only to be defiled and tortured for six days, as her body was wracked in agony and her mind twisted in shame. In the sixth day her rage reached a tree's spirit, a Glade Child who has been watching but was too afraid to act. The Glade Child screamed and killed the tree were it was hidden. The trunk fell and killed three of the Wyrm's horrors while the Glade Child managed to save Wind-howl.

Initially, Wind-howl was outraged by all the time the Glade Child took to act, but eventually she was sympathetic to the spirit's helplessness and invited the Glade Child to walk by her side and be her sword. So Wind-howl took her and made the Glade Child into the shape of a sword, using the rocks made hollow by the river as a mold. Then she sung to Luna, who came upon them both and put herself in the sword as fire, and Wind-howl forged them both into silver. And with a rock, she beat them into sharpness, and with her claws she carved the Glade Child's name into the side.

The sword was as beautiful as the Glade Child had been, and it was called a klaive.


The Glass Walkers believe that the tale of the First Klaive is nothing but a parable, but most other tribes believe the sword is still out there to be found. According to legend, Wind-howl died a gruesome death in battle soon after forging the blade, but by the time she knew she was going down, the young Galliard threw the sword into a river whose waters washed it away from Wyrm's grasp. Some garou think that the First Klaive was useless (as it had no spirit of war within it), others believe that if the werewolves could find it, they would be able to win the Apocalypse War in a single night. Long story short: no one knows for sure where the First Klaive is or what its abilities are.


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