The Fire Station is a Fortress within the Hedge.


For all the Hedge’s mind-boggling beauty and horror, the Fire Station is just the opposite: it’s a blocky, mud-walled fortress in the middle of a blasted clearing — all the flora and fauna have been seared clean, leaving the ground as nothing more than dirt striated with scorch-marks. The Fire Station is home to a large cabal of potent changelings — appropriately known as “The Firemen” — who are dyed-in-the-wool bridge-burners. They see the Hedge as the gateway between the human world and Faerie, which means of course that the Hedge must go. So, they burn it. Anywhere they can. From within the fortress, they don their gear: armor carved from lava rock, welder’s masks of metal and asbestos, hissing token torches that blast awful cones of flame.

The Fire Station itself is a dull, lifeless place — plain mud walls, various unadorned “racks” for the separatist soldiers, even a cafeteria where the food du jour is little more than snotty slop (they aren’t comfortable dining on sweet Hedge fruits, given their opinion about the Hedge being a poisonous place and all). The only adornments one might find at the Fire Station are hobgoblins. Dead ones. Nailed to walls, or dangling from the black-beam rafters. Other than that, the place has all the amenities to live… but it doesn’t have amenities to live well, or live happy.

Changelings within the Fire Station note that their Contracts and Tokens seem to resist activation — they suffer a –3 to make active. That said, the walls and locks and... well, just about everything in the Fire Station are all very tough. Assume that everything that is a part of this fortress has a Durability of 6.