The Fire Court is a temple of the Setites, as well as a dangerous one - a place of exotic and sometimes kinky pleasures where the knowledge of dynasties past is collected.


The Fire Court was founded in 2000 BCE near modern Luxor after the Rite of the Sun-King had banished the Setites from Memphis and Giza. Originally a mere temporary solution, the Court grew and amassed great occult treasures. Prominent supernatural figures, such as the Tzimisce Sascha Vykos, have visited the Court in its long history and added to its rich depositories of knowledge. The current head of the Court is the child-methuselah Neferu, and a visit can be very rewarding if one looks for knowledge no one else can give. But one must be ready to pay the price, of course. This can involve a Blood Bond, submission under Setite rituals or even the simple taste of addictive vitae and forbidden pleasure that lure their victims into Set's coils. Few manage to leave the Court with their Humanity untouched.

The Fire Court is ideologically opposed to the Cairene Dream Court, although both still work together on occasion. The reason for this is that the Fire Court is a bastion of Typhonism and looks down on the unorthodox practices of the Dream Court.


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