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The Final Reich, sometimes also referred to as the Fourth Reich, was an organization of like-minded german Kindred in Berlin after World War II, surrounding the Primogen Dieter Kotlar, who wanted to preserve the ideologies and traditions of the Third Reich. An Anarch gang, they were opposed by the Black Rose Anarchs.

Many German vampires believed the Final Reich to be a harmless, but annoying bunch of Malkavians and malcontent Brujah, but in truth, the group served the agenda to spread chaos within Berlin and - to an extent- Europe by redirecting informations to the Sabbat. In the turmoil, their idol, Heinrich Himmler, would be able to assume princedom and purge Europe of foreigners and subhumans. To this end, they fueled nationalistic tendencies, spreaded racism and attacked foreigners- vampiric and mortal alike. The group espoused a philosophy that all Kindred that were part of the Herrenrasse in life should have equality and proper life standards, regardless of Generation.

The group itself was torn between Himmler, who wanted to use the group as a tool to achieve princedom, and Kotlar, who wanted to use the chaos to ensure Brujah supremacy by destroying prince Wilhelm (who dared to let foreigners into his domain) and fuse the communistic ideologies of his eastern clan brothers with his national socialistic ideas.

Since Wilhelm's unification of Berlin's two domains has been successful and Himmler had vanished under mysterious circumstances, the Final Reich has left Germany and seemingly dissolved. Splinters reached Krakow, where they tried to establish one of their own as leaders of the local Anarch scene, but faced resistance from violent anti-fascistic Anarch gangs. The remnants of the Final Reich remain populous, as they draw disillusioned and banished Kindred from Western domains into their ranks, and continue to battle with the polish Kindred for control over the city.


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